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New books

The latest Percutio literary annual (#8, 2014) is now available from the Titus Books website.

Utopia Rag (2013) took a look at 20th century New Zealand, two world wars, kiwi fascination with arms, and a loosely-knit pop band. Novel. ISBN: 0-9582534-7-1.

The Ballad of Rue Belliard (2012) was set on the periphery of Paris, 21st century style, and filled #48 of the subscription journal brief.

Versions Translations (2012) was a selection of European poems translated. It is part of a lifelong project. Kilmog Press, PO Box 1562, Dunedin.

Some responses:
To Wormwood -- “Entropy and death read as metaphors for the implosion of post-war Europe and the failure of capitalism.”[1]
To Song of the Brakeman -- “a vividly conceived world here, manifesting slowly and brilliantly through its accumulating signs”.[2]

photo by © Ian Laughlin

The Bilders are groups of various musicians and friends, known for their live approach to music making and a recording style that has produced “many genuine classic compositions".

Dix, John
Stranded in Paradise

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Enjoyed playing solo songs by (Brecht, Yeats, & my own) @ Audio Foundation's Nowhere Festival, Friday. Bilders (Greig Bainbridge & Stu Page) reunited Saturday (from Inquest to Utopians). A 'feastival' hotly enjoyed.

SmartGuy are planning a compilation for 2015 with Bill D, Dan Melchior, Billy Childish & other suspects. SmartGuy's release of The Utopians EP warmly received. Analog sounds from a West Melbourne bunker studio, a phasey ballad from Auckland, a simmering live extract from the European mini-tour -- available on vinyl + download.

Recent memorable gigs: Bilders in Dunedin with one-off Robbie Yeats (Dead C, drums) & Greig Bainbridge (bass). Bill D. at Instants Chavirées Paris aiding & abetting aussi friends. Similarly @ Wine Cellar, Auckland, doing songs from his own theatre or cabaret shows. The Bilders album Flavour of the Meat with Hamish Kilgour, David Watson (bagpipes, 335) and Miggy Littleton has pleased many. (Grapefruit Records).

UNWUCHT's 12" re-releases admired for careful quality production, bringing the best out of archival recordings. More releases are in the pipeline with UNWUCHT. A Democrazy bootleg of live recordings 1982-83 has been snatched up. Two Siltbreeze Vacuum 7 inches generated plenty interest in the USA. More specials planned 2015.


Bilders video by Hector Hazard

Bill Direen works with musicians, artists and performers in non-binding non-contractual agreements.
Over the years, he's received funding or non-alligned financial support from:
Queen Elizabeth Arts Council of NZ, Goethe Institut, Southern Regional Arts Council of NZ, Auckland University & Michael King Writers' Centre in assocaition with Creative NZ Arts Council of NZ Toi Aotearoa, Phantom Billstickers (NZ).

1. Virginia Were, NZ Listener, 23 June 1997
2. Jen Crawford, Landfall 214, November 2007

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