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John Morrison has made a new video of the 7" EP (4 new songs recorded in NZ and the USA, with screenprinted covers)..

The Buildermash EP was a collaboration with several musicians including The Ghosts, Simon Joyner, David Nance, Steve Cournane, Chris Deden, Stuart Page, Andrew McCully and Pete Scott.

BEATIN HEARTS reissue has Beatin Hearts has stirred a few hearts even in New Zealand.
Great responses.

A new compilation with an unreleased solo song recorded in Brooklyn by Bill Direen is now available in the U.S.
SmartGuy Compilation Melchior Direen

The nine date tour of NZ in 2016 left a lot of smiling faces.
For more info see Music.
Simon Ogston reckons the documentary of the tour will be ready for festivals by mid-2017.
Jonathan Ganley photographed the Auckland show.

Bill Direen live
Photograph above by Jonathan Ganley 22 October, 2016

Bill Direen Tour 2016

BEATIN HEARTS (LP black vinyl, 1982) was accompanied by a 7 inch EP: 4 new songs recorded in NZ and the USA.
The new novel ENCLOSURES #2, is available.

Writers Music poster 2016

Enclosures 2 is available at selected bookshops and online @ $24.95 (NZ). Postage is included for NZ and overseas (for single orders).

PROJECT: Ferox collaboration went off a treat at Pyramid Club, Taranaki St, Wellington. 7-9 April 2016. Most recent assembly of Ferocious Beelzebub members was during Bill's tour on October 15th Wellington.
Beelzebub Poster
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Collected Fiction download
Passive erasure of a people in captivity. An Englishman entangled in a petty art theft in Paris. A wealth-connected virus. Overdose and coma. A population wakes up in a biosphere, is fed regularly, develops its own laws and stimulants, and is divided between law-enforcing cannibals and dreamers. A madman hears the voice of God and prophesies the downfall of his city; he goes mad when his people are not destroyed. New Zealand at war in a post-apocalyptic ecological nightmare. This is the stuff of my novels so far (1997-2016).
Sample them for free here

The latest issue of lit-mag Percutio (2016) is out! The 2015 issue has been reviewed.
Percutio/JAAM Commentary at Jacket2.

The Ballad of Rue Belliard (novel, 2012) was set on the outskirts of Paris. brief #48.

Wormwood (novel, 1997) -- “Entropy and death read as metaphors for the implosion of post-war Europe and the failure of capitalism.”[Virginia Were, NZ Listener, 23 June 1997]

Song of the Brakeman (novel, 2006) --“a vividly conceived world here, manifesting slowly and brilliantly through its accumulating signs”.[Jen Crawford, Landfall 214, November 2007]

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