Bill Direen


The new anthology may be read for free at


I was intending to follow doctor's orders
and have a rest for a few months,
but the NZ National Library
wants to commit seppuku.

Am therefore editing a special issue
of writing by NZ's best writers,
and some lesser known ones too,
to try to prevent this calamity.

Stay tuned.


A new song with Robert Scott of The Clean
and The Bats opposing the disposal of 640,000 books
by New Zealand's own National Library.


Tune Counter Tune
from the album M.A.L.A

A kind of tetraptych video
from the studio of John Morrison


Statement of Concern

In November 2020 the NZ National LIbrary
sold or permitted destruction of 50,000 books
from the NZ ‘Overseas Collection’.

They promise to destroy NZ's national collection
of 624,000 "overseas published" books
gathered over many decades.

Please register your concern
at this misuse of power
by all legal means.

Beris Forde of OAR talks with William DIreen
about the worsening situation.


World of the Winds
by Bilders/John Morrsion




launched on Bandcamp
31 January, 2021
Bandcamp proceeds go to the campaign
to prevent NZ National LIbrary from performing seppuku.

Limited edition cassette
from May 1st, 2021
Thokhei Tapes
Hamburg Germany


It's a real treat to have a lyric published
on thick warm paper and in great company.
Cheers to Mark and Michael at Broadsheet,
and to Chris for querying punctuation
and vagaries.
It's already sold out but click on this
to read at high rezz.


Original sound track of the documentary film
A Memory of Others, dir. Simon Ogston, a
a double LP of all tunes referenced in the film.
Liner notes by Byron Coley.
Comes with free download of the 90m film.

rear ost

Postage outside of USA may vary
or pick up a copy in NZ from Flying Out.


John Morrison and Matthew Swanson
have joined hands over the oceans--animation,
floating signifiers and Super 8 by surf legend
Gremmy of the south Australian coast.


Canadian-based hand-made mag
Celluloid Lunch #4 has plenty of reading
and photos, including an interview
covering Ferocious, recent collaborations
and weird stuff.


New Zealand art and music critic
William Dart
a guided tour
through decades of music

recent work
Radio NZ Concert
Sunday 31st May at 5pm
with Podcast to follow.


Filmmaker John Morrison, familiar to Builders followers
for many brilliant clips has come up with a new short film.

The Trip Slug Navigates


Due to Covid-19
upcoming Builders and Ferocious shows are cancelled.
We urge you to shop. Listen at your leisure:

For vinyl or digital album, or Bandcamp streaming of
"Bill Direen" (Builders/bilderine ... 1980-present)
Liner notes by music critic Byron Coley
Gatefold sleeve with photos and all detailed info.


For CD purchase (with booklet) or digital stream
of complete collaborative album Ferocious (2020).
The custom pack Ferocious CD comes with
a multi-page lyric booklet and information.




Audio Foundation Auckland Fri Feb 28th w. Tanktop

Auckland Fringe Town Hall Feb 29th 2pm

Pyramid Club Wellington Sat Feb 29th w. Hermione Johnson

= v i d e o =

= i n t e r v i e w =




USA Tour Diary in poem form

2020. 40pp available Flying Out from Feb 28



Christchurch Builders

First outing for 2020
St Asaph St, Christchurch
7 Feb




November 2019

I am now on tour. It will be best now
if you check local networks for details.

Readings in Republic of Serbia courtesy of
Partizanska Knjiga

U.S. dates thanks to Chris Davis

Thu Nov 28 - Brisbane QLD - Phase 4 Records & Cassettes
Brisbane live with The Garbage & the Flowers

Fri Nov 29 - Auckland NZ - Audio Foundation
with Ron Gallipoli by Candlelight (featuring Hermione Johnson)

Sat Nov 30 - Pyramid Club - Wellington NZ.


double-LP release SL100
by Sophomore Lounge (see below).
Will have copies for sale on tour.
Pick up a copy from us if you can catch a show

or pre-order a mailed copy right now.
All and full versions of music from the documentary
plus free download of the Simon Ogston directed film
Bill Direen, a Memory of Others
(postage outside USA may vary)


October 2019 review
of the short story collection Combustions
by Serbian writer Srdan Srdic
may be viewed here.


The debut album by Wellington project FEROCIOUS
a spoken word, electric guitar, drums and organ album,
(me, Mark Williams and Jo Contag)
will be released by NZ label, Rattle,
February 2020


Proud to be published in the land
of Milorad Pavic and Emir Kusturica.
The translation by Milan Pupezin
tells the story of a refugee in Berlin
from the former Yugoslavia.

Pelen Dirin

Cover of English language edition
sold at readings/performances.

2019 epic production in NZ.


Thrilled that Bilders music will feature
in the cinematic component of France Hervé's

Transnational poet Lisa Samuels discusses a poem sequence
from   Enclosures 2   in the third section of this essay


Screenings of the Ogston documentary A Memory of Others
are planned in the coming weeks/months of 2019 on Sky Rialto channel


End of a busy year. My thanks to friends and colleagues
for many fruitful exchanges throughout 2018.
Arts Hub OAR Dunedin
And here with Anna Livesy Ears Wide Open, about the paperback Enclosures series (1 to 4).


New interview here: On writing.
The Open Book, Aucklan

Theatre-Music "Armistice" Show
New Athenaeum Theatre, Dunedin Fri/Sat November 9/10
improvisation/song with ensmble Stuart Porter (sax), William Henry Meung (synth), Alex Wolken (p),
Greig Bainbridge (electric bass), Susan Ellis(tr), Brendon Ryniker (dr), Pania Simmonds (acoustic bass).

final theatre show
Grainstore, Oamaru
Sunday November 11, 4pm




Auckland Book Launch
Monday 1st. The Open Book. 201 Ponsonby Rd. Book launch with special guests Lisa Samuels and Tru Paraha
Launch & readings!!
The Open Book, 201 Ponsonby Rd
Monday 1st October 2018, 6pm


12th October. Home again Builders reunion, Dark Room, Christchurch
with Greig Bainbridge and Stuart Page


Thanks to all who took part in the 2018 show about the Depression,
the Crash 1920s and more. Closing shows are at Athenaeum Theatre Dunedin
on November 9th and 10th, 8:30pm.
and at Grainstore in Oamaru,
on 11th November at 4pm.

} ø {

Podcast with Simon Sweetman 2018