Enclosures 3
A further collection of fiction, diary and experimental prose with another chapter from the self-shaping "knovel" Stoat. The enclosures are the media we use to communicate when live conversation/performance is no longer tenable. They are the printed book, the e-book, human topoi, and also (cross-)sections of writing. Enclosures3 includes a travel diary in the south of France, a crime story told in breakneck, unpunctuated prose, and a patient diary kept during a difficult 48 week treatment. Available online for $19.95 NZ$. Trade rates: $11.95 SorR within 3 months or else invoiced price payable.


Enclosures 2
A collection of fiction, poetry, diary, utopia and zootopia. The partitions of Enclosures 2 take place in France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand, in an imaginary future, in a poem, and on a (possibly human) surface. It continues a cross-genre approach favoured in the early novel Nusquama/Utopia Rag, and used in purer form in Enclosures (2008). The opening section 'Europe, New Zealand', contains entries from two decades of living in, and of going between, Europe and New Zealand. It also has surviving parts of a destroyed sequel to Jules (2003). Enclosures 2 spreads the net wide, searching for valid sources while pushing at the limits of genres. Available online for $24.95 NZ$. Postage and packaging are included.

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Octagon Poetry Collective
Reading at the Dog with Two Tails on Tuesday May 24th I was joined by saxophonist Stuart Porter for my Elegy for Alan Brunton. Featured poet was Lynley Edmeades, whose recent book of poetry debuted on the national best seller list!

Broadsheet 17
The editors of Broadsheet invited me to contribute to this issue. My piece is an extract from a long poem scheduled for release later this year. Broadsheet is available now in bookshops and libraries.

Collected Fiction
Collected Fiction from 2000 to present is free for users of portable electronic readers. Please buy the hard copy if you get the chance.

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Percutio 2015 was another amazing issue. Purchase it through selected bookshops in New Zealand, or online at Titus Books (http://titus.co.nz) or the Percutio site (http://alpha.books.online.fr). Percutio 2016 will be out in June.

The Ballad of Rue Belliard (written in Paris, France, 1998-2013)
is set in a “peripheral” sector of Paris populated by people from an array of origins. It grew out of twenty years of residency in the 18th arrondissement of Paris and celebrates the people one rarely hears about in tourist brochures about Paris. You'll find people from all walks of life and nationalities. I also draw on some very French aspects of the area, such as the former Pathé cinema studios (ruined by fire when I was there, and now restored and converted into a film school).

"The Ballad of Rue Belliard though, is perhaps not that strange, once the reader becomes familiar with the characters ... and the setting, and the plot." (Editor Herr Kross)


Enclosures (written NZ & France). Five stories set in the time of the Pharoahs, the present, in Babylon, in Wellington, NZ and in the future. The different sorts of enclosures are the biblical/koranic belly of a sea-beast, a hermit's hut at the tip of the Otago Peninsula, an ancient city of seven concentric walls, a jet airliner circling the earth, a biosphere of the sexually-mutilated ... Historical fiction, fairy tale, autobiography and the fantastic. Enclosures combines the genres of autobiography and the fantastic. A sequel to Song of the Brakeman (futuristic novel, 2006).


" ... short, highly compressed poems, responses, mirror versions in his native English."

"... the highly charged short poem from classical times to the present, spanning Europe from Greece to France, from Rome to England."

Has received a hallucinogenic review by Frenchman Jacques Coulardeau, and a review that takes exception from New Zealand ex-patriate Jan Kemp.

Limited edition (53 copies, no ISBN). Stock exhausted.

Utopia Rag (Tank Press, main edition, left) takes an unusual look at 20th century New Zealand, its involvement in two world wars, the fascination with arms of some, and the phenomenon of its pop culture. Limited edition, now sold out.

2014. ISBN: 0-9582534-7-1.

A travel item about a recent visit to Amiens in northern France (where his grandad was a military driver) makes for great reading as we approach the centenary of the bloodiest muddiest war of all wars. Phantom Café Reader #2. In hundreds of NZ cafés. Free.


Tourtagebuch (written Germany, Austria, 1994-5)

A diary translated into German by Arno Loeffler.

The daybook was kept during a strenuous tour of Germany undertaken with tour manager Dirk Hugsam and fellow musicians Graeme Jefferies and Jean-Yves Douet.

Wormwood (written Berlin 1997)

If they screamed, they would not be heard. They have made the vacuum themselves. They have expelled from it everything unnecessary to their love. The candle burns low in their anti-sphere.
A distant phone rings, a voice calls a name across the courtyard. A baby cries and is then so silent it must have been bribed.


Devonport, A Diary (written Auckland, NZ)

Daybook kept while the author was University of Auckland fellow at Michael King Centre, in 2010-2011.

Littlejohn press (metal types)
(Holloway, 2011)Devonport



Percutio: Annual focussing on cross-cultural experience, translation and creative ideas.
Brief: (Contributing co-editor #36, #42)
Landfall #219: Guest Editor (NZ Music Issue)
Deep South: Literary Review of Otago University English Dept. (contributor 2010 Issue)
Temporel: (contributor Issue #7) translations by Anne Mounic.