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Very proud to be published in the land
of Milorad Pavic and Emir Kusturica.

The translation by Milan Pupezin
tells the story of a refugee in Berlin
from the former Yugoslavia.
It gives a 1st hand snapshot
of Berlin after reunification.

Pelen Bil Dirin
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wormwood cover Berlin
Cover of English edition
sold at readings& performances.


This new choreographic and multi-media epic
An Octopus by its Own Ink Erased
to be performed in 2019 in three parts in New Zealand
was conceived and directed by French alternative lioness
France Hervé. Music: Bill Direen/Bilders.

Bilders Bill Direen
Bill & band in Tennessee and Kentucky. Incredible!

CO poster

Cut 2018 Bill Direen
Vinyl release of 1994 sessions at Volt Studio Dunedin.

Mixtape with Nick Bollinger spans three continents (including Zelandia).
Nick Bollinger

Thanks to all who came along to the shows.
It has been a lot of fun.

The Christchurch weekend was wilder than the weather
(which was indeed very wild)
with a live streamed performance of the current show
soon to appear on RDU and YouTube.
Extra Show

14th May, 2018
Audio Foundation.
Tickets here

Review of Dunedin show here:
Review of the show
poster six shows

29th April, 2018
Bill and Guests at Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin.
Song-text-improvisation performance.
POster 3

A poem has appeared in the Boston magazine Clarion. Happy reading!

The documentary film A Memory of Others is being offered to festivals overseas.
That's why you can't download it as yet. There is talk of a sountrack album.

DebtFest in Melbourne (The Tote). Sat 17 Feb, 2018
happened in the great city along with some xtra shows for food and bitters.
A cool time had by all.

The cut album on vinyl is another co-op effort from Powertool and Zelle.
225 of only 300 copies available in NZ for audiophiles.
Authorised artwork by Ronnie van Hout.

We've been busy with another NZ tour + the musi-mentary 'Memory of Others'.
Ogston Simon Bill Direen
+ 2018 shows in NZ, Australia & the U.S.A.

radiolive (Auckland)-- music of bill direen
13th Floor extended interview
NZ newspaper stuff -- bill-direen-feeding-the-spirit-of-the-people

For people with a yen for reading: PDFs of books sold out their first hard printing:
Complimentary PDF downloads (fiction)

Reviews of recent books
Simon Sweetman
Erik Kennedy
Lindsay Rabbitt

The 2017 LP re-release of Chrysanthemum Storm hit the mark in NZ and Germany/Austria. Thanks to all for participation espcially Zelle and Powertool.

Bandcamp tapes from the last Bilders Europe tour.
Download has photos by Arno Loeffler, that do the band proud.
Tour Europe


===== GLAD TIDINGS=====

Trailer of film.
access radio
pic: Darryl Baser

The reissue by Grapefruit (USA) continues to stir hearts
in USA and li'l ol' NZ.
Great responses.
Bill Direen album reissue

John Morrison has made a new video of the 7" EP
(4 new songs recorded in NZ and the USA,
with screenprinted covers)..
Bill DIreen Measly Love video

Buildermash EP was a collaboration with The Ghosts, Simon Joyner (US), David Nance (US),
Steve Cournane, Chris Deden (US), Stuart Page, Andrew McCully and Pete Scott (London/Auckland).
Measly Love

Analog sounds from a West Melbourne bunker studio,
a phasey ballad from Auckland, a live extract from the European mini-tour --
available on vinyl + download. .
"The Utopians" was among our Top Ten most played records on KDVS 90.3 FM in Davis, CA  (#1).
"... the acidic hilarity of ‘The Utopians R Just Out Boozin’’. It’s cranky and fuzzy ....
... has a sneaky pop sweetness. Direen’s live-wire volatility
always comes across loud and clear, no matter the collaborators or musical setting."

A new compilation with an unreleased solo song recorded in Brooklyn by Bill Direen is now available in the U.S.
SmartGuy Compilation Melchior Direen

The nine date tour of NZ left a lot of smiling faces.
For more info see Music.

access radio
It was a great pleasure to drive the length of New Zealand with Simon and crew (Jeff Smith, who co-directed Chants R&B doc Rumble and Bang).
Jonathan Ganley photographed the Auckland show.

The Ferocious Project was at Pyramid Club, April 7-9 2016
with Mark Williams on guitar, Jo Contag on Drums and Bill D on words
with additions from R.A.K. Mason, Robert Burns and Anonymous (13th century).
Labels are being courted.

Bill Direen live at Audio Foundation Auckland
Photograph - Jonathan Ganley 22 October, 2016

Bill Direen Tour 2016


Writers Music poster 2016

Enclosures 2 is available at selected bookshops and online @ $24.95 (NZ). Postage is included for NZ and overseas (for single orders).
ENCLOSURES #3 is due mid-2017.


PROJECT: Ferox collaboration went off a treat at Pyramid Club, Taranaki St, Wellington. 7-9 April 2016. Most recent assembly of Ferocious Beelzebub members was during Bill's tour on October 15th Wellington.
Beelzebub Poster

Collected Fiction download
Passive erasure of a people in captivity. An Englishman entangled in a petty art theft in Paris. A wealth-connected virus. Overdose and coma. A population wakes up in a biosphere, is fed regularly, develops its own laws and stimulants, and is divided between law-enforcing cannibals and dreamers. A madman hears the voice of God and prophesies the downfall of his city; he goes mad when his people are not destroyed. New Zealand at war in a post-apocalyptic ecological nightmare. This is the stuff of my novels so far (1997-2016).
Sample them for free here

The latest issue of lit-mag Percutio (2016) is out! The 2015 issue has been reviewed.
Percutio/JAAM Commentary at Jacket2.

The Ballad of Rue Belliard (novel, 2012) was set on the outskirts of Paris. brief #48.

Wormwood (novel, 1997) -- “Entropy and death read as metaphors for the implosion of post-war Europe and the failure of capitalism.”[Virginia Were, NZ Listener, 23 June 1997]

Song of the Brakeman (novel, 2006) --“a vividly conceived world here, manifesting slowly and brilliantly through its accumulating signs”.[Jen Crawford, Landfall 214, November 2007]

Rue Belliard Dynamite Hemorrhage

Bill DIreen Oakland

For a no bullshit summary of Bill Direen careering from garage &punk to lo-fi through theatre and out the other side to the no-star present. Dynamite Hemorrhage hard copy magazine.

Watch for: a "gaelic-folky" offering on the Robert Burns compilation from Euro-kiwi Zelle Records & Dunedin

Recent gigs: Dunedin: Readings and music with debate. Solo workout at Auckland Audio Foundation. Reunion of 1985 Bilders the following night. A Dunedin one-off with Robbie Yeats & Greig Bainbridge. Solo spot at Instants Chavirés Paris aiding & abetting Australian friends from Mad Nana.

Album Flavour of the Meat with Hamish Kilgour, David Watson (bagpipes, 335) and Miggy Littleton has pleased many. It was part of a subscription series of four but single copies can be had. (Grapefruit Records).

UNWUCHT's 12" re-releases admired for careful quality production of archival recordings. A Democrazy bootleg of live recordings 1982-83 has been snatched up. More from Unwucht in the pipes.

Two Siltbreeze Vacuum 7 inches generated plenty interest in the USA.

Sales of CDs (2006-2010) have come to an end, definitively.


ENCLOSURES 2, the sequel to Enclosures (2008) is now avaiable. 24.95 NZ$ Postage and packaging are included.

Bill Direen novel Paypal

Collected Fiction from 2000 to the present is now free for mobile readers. Please buy hard copy if you get the chance. All files are pdfs. Complimentary Downloads

Percutio 2015 (Ed. Bill DIreen, literary periodical) is available at many NZ bookshops. Ask your local bookseller.

Music news: NZ tour is confirmed for July 13th to 22nd 2017. Beginning in Dunedin, it will take in Christchurch (14th), Nelson (15th), Auckland (20th) and Wellington (22nd). More dates may yet unfold. Greig Bainbridge will be joining in, in Christchurch, with Steve Cournane and Stuart Page in Auckland. The Ferocious Project occurred and occurs usually at the Pyramid Club, Wellington (Bill D. with Mark Williams and Jo Contag), whne Bill is in town -- so expect another display of Ferociousness on the 22nd along with the Derek Champion duo.

The 2013 tour recordings have garnered excellent responses.

Chrysanthemum Storm lyrics will be included free with the LP in A3 poster format. Launch July.

Publication of THE BALLAD OF RUE BELLIARD was the realisation of many years of language experimentation. The multi-ethnic and polyglot area of Paris where it is set was conducive to this kaleidoscopic look at Paris in the twenty first century.

Hard copy magazine Dynamite Hemorrhage has tracked down Bill Direen in Otago, New Zealand, for an in-depth article & interview. More info here.

A selection of short European poems, Versions/Translations, is sold out. It has received a hallucinogenic review here. And also a rather hasty little review in a New Zealand literary online journal, Landfall.

Work on the current writing project continues, a novel, and is proving to have a long gestation period.

The SmartGuy (USA) release of the new Bilders 7" The Utopians R Just Out Boozin' has been playlisted on discerning stations in the US. The EP has two studio recordings and a live extract. The A is a situationist exposé of recent fool world events; B has a dawn ballad, Mardy, plus a live extract from the European tour. See Music for reviews.

All of Unwucht's 12" re-releases have been praised by vinyl lovers for their high quality and careful production, bringing the very best out of archival recordings. More projects are planned with Unwucht.

Bilders started the year in Dunedin with a one-off Robbie Yeats (Dead C, drums) & Greig Bainbridge (bass). Solo at The Wine Cellar, Auckland, with surprise guests at the end. He played many songs only previously performed in theatre or cabaret situations.

The Bilders album with Hamish Kilgour, David Watson (bagpipes, 335) and Miggy Littleton has pleased many ears. (Grapefruit Records, recorded by Gary Olson in Brooklyn). New songs and improvisations.

A Democracy bootleg of live recordings (Christchurch) 1982-83 has been snatched up.

Two Siltbreeze 7 inches (Vacuum) generated a lot of interest in proto-Bilders and proto-Victor Dimisich material. Siltbreeze are also planning a quality reissue (American pressing) of the first-ever Flying Nun 12" LP, Beatin Hearts.

Solo recently (Nov. 2014) at Audio Foundation Nowhere Festival, solo & in a reunion with the 1985 Builders. Also solo 2013 and 2014 @ Auckland venue The Wine Cellar, with guests and readings.

Utopia Rag, that tells of music and also a century of NZ's history (set in the South Island of NZ between 1919 and 1990) is now sold out.

Paris a way back, an evening with Sky Needle and Mad Nanna, a couple of Australian bands visiting Paris. Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, Thursday 26th September.