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ENCLOSURES 2, the sequel to Enclosures (2008) is now avaiable. 24.95 NZ$ Postage and packaging are included.

Bill Direen novel Paypal

Collected Fiction from 2000 to the present is now free for mobile readers. Please buy hard copy if you get the chance. All files are pdfs. Complimentary Download

Percutio 2015 (Ed. Bill DIreen, literary periodical) is available at many NZ bookshops. Ask your local bookseller.

Music news: Grapefruit Records (USA) are bringing out Beati/en Hearts on vinyl. Due in time for national (NZ) tour in October 2016.

The Ferox Project was recently completed at the Pyramid Club, Wellington, April 2016 (Bill D. with Mark Williams and Jo Contag). Mixing and mastering to come.



Publication of THE BALLAD OF RUE BELLIARD was the realisation of many years of language experimentation. The multi-ethnic and polyglot area of Paris where it is set was conducive to this kaleidoscopic look at Paris in the twenty first century.

Hard copy magazine Dynamite Hemorrhage has tracked down Bill Direen in Otago, New Zealand, for an in-depth article & interview. More info here.

A selection of short European poems, Versions/Translations, is sold out. It has received a hallucinogenic review here. And also a rather hasty little review in a New Zealand literary online journal, Landfall.

Work on the current writing project continues, a novel, and is proving to have a long gestation period.

The SmartGuy (USA) release of the new Bilders 7" The Utopians R Just Out Boozin' has been playlisted on discerning stations in the US. The EP has two studio recordings and a live extract. The A is a situationist exposé of recent fool world events; B has a dawn ballad, Mardy, plus a live extract from the European tour. See Music for reviews.

All of Unwucht's 12" re-releases have been praised by vinyl lovers for their high quality and careful production, bringing the very best out of archival recordings. More projects are planned with Unwucht.

Bilders started the year in Dunedin with a one-off Robbie Yeats (Dead C, drums) & Greig Bainbridge (bass). Solo at The Wine Cellar, Auckland, with surprise guests at the end. He played many songs only previously performed in theatre or cabaret situations.

The Bilders album with Hamish Kilgour, David Watson (bagpipes, 335) and Miggy Littleton has pleased many ears. (Grapefruit Records, recorded by Gary Olson in Brooklyn). New songs and improvisations. See Music.

A Democracy bootleg of live recordings (Christchurch) 1982-83 has been snatched up.

Two Siltbreeze 7 inches (Vacuum) generated a lot of interest in proto-Bilders and proto-Victor Dimisich material. Siltbreeze are also planning a quality reissue (American pressing) of the first-ever Flying Nun 12" LP, Beatin Hearts.

Solo recently (Nov. 2014) at Audio Foundation Nowhere Festival, solo & in a reunion with the 1985 Builders. Also solo 2013 and 2014 @ Auckland venue The Wine Cellar, with guests and readings.

Utopia Rag, that tells of music and also a century of NZ's history (set in the South Island of NZ between 1919 and 1990) is now sold out.

Paris a way back, an evening with Sky Needle and Mad Nanna, a couple of Australian bands visiting Paris. Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, Thursday 26th September. http://www.instantschavires.com/spip.php?article862