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Enclosures 4. 2019. The last of the series, is concerned with
voicing and liberation in the focus media of cinema,
theatre and the visual arts, through sound and silence,
in darkness and in light.

Enclosures 3. 2018. A further collection of fiction, diary and experimental prose with another chapter from the self-shaping "knovel" Stoat.
The enclosures are sections, often cross-sections of writing. Enclosures3 is made up of travel diary in the south of France, a crime story told in unpunctuated prose, a patient diary kept during a difficult 48 week treatment and an experimental essay on the word tattoo. ISBN 979-10-91280-04-4

Enclosures 2. 2016. A collection of fiction, poetry, diary, utopia and zootopia. The partitions of Enclosures 2 take place in France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand, in an imaginary future, in a poem, and on a (possibly human) surface. The opening section 'Europe, New Zealand', contains entries from two decades of living in, and of going between, Europe and New Zealand. It also has surviving parts of a destroyed sequel to Jules (2003). Enclosures 2 spreads the net wide, searching for valid sources while pushing at the limits of genres. ISBN 979-10-91280-04-4 . Purchase online: $24.95 $NZ Postage is included.

Utopia Rag. 2014. Reissue of 2002 novel with original working title. The novel takes an unusual look at 20th century New Zealand, its involvement in two world wars, its fascination with arms, and the phenomenon of its pop culture. (Tank Press, 60 copies). ISBN 0-9582534-7-1 with special edition bound by Atuanui Press (10 copies). No longer available.

Versions Translations. 2014. Interpretations in English of short, highly compressed European language poems, particularly the sonnet, written during a long convalescence and medical treatment. 'Bilingual' publication. Sold out. NO ISBN.

The Ballad of Rue Belliard. 2013. Multi-facetted novel set in Paris, France, making use of experimental language, caricaturial personages and fantastical elements (the underground metropolis of "Hollowwwood"). Published in its entirety in issue 48 of brief
literary magazine. ISSN 1175-9313.

Tourtagebuch. 2013. Translation into German by Arno Loeffler of a tour diary kept by Bill Direen in 1994 while performing all over German-speaking Europe. ISBN 979-10-91280-00-6

Devonport, A Diary. 2011. First fruit of six months as Michael King Writers Centre Fellow 2010-2011. A beautiful edition from Holloway Press, published (designed) by Peter Simpson and Tara McLeod. Image. Holloway. ISBN 978-0-9864618-0-4 Image

Dunedin Poems. 2011. Poems written while working part-time in Dunedin 2007-08. Hand-crafted cover captures Otago light. Kilmog Press.ISBN 978-0-9864665-5-7

L. Novella. 2010. Appears in an anthology of NZ speculative fiction writers 'A Foreign Country'. Random Static (Anna Caro & Juliet Buchanan, editors). 2010. ISBN 978-0-473-16916-9.

Enclosures [#1]. Trans-generic ovel in five parts combining the genre of autobiography with that of the fantastic.Titus 2008. ISBN 978-1-877441-06-6 Image

Percutio Journal of poetry, fiction extracts, translations, version, and historical essays relating to Europe and New Zealand. (Editor)
2006 (Pilot), 2007 No. 1, to present (2016 No. 10). Percutio Publications. ISSN 1953-1427 Image

Song of the Brakeman Novel. Titus Auckland & Paris. 2006. ISBN 0-9582586-7-8 Image

Nusquama German translation by Arno Loeffler 2006 of 2001 novel about the extended familes (whanau) of a NZ pop group.
ISBN 0-9582534-5-1 Image

Jules Novel about an art teacher who loses his way in Paris. Alpha/Addenda Christchurch. 2002 ISBN 0-9583266-4-9 Image

Onaevia. History and mythology of a fabulous land. Alpha. 2002. 2nd edition (revised) First edition: 2004.0-9583266-0-6 2nd edition: ISBN 0-9583266-7-3 Image

Nusquama Novel comprised of two novellas and eight short stories (some in first person) about the extended familes (whanau) of a NZ pop group. Alpha/Addenda Christchurch. 2001 ISBN

Wormwood Novel Published in Sport 18. Wellington. 1997. Novel set in Berlin after the reunification of the two Germanys. ISSN 0113-7891 Image

20-9-1. Twenty song lyrics, nine short stories and a theatre piece (The Shell). Prototype. Christchurch. 1980. .



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